Auto Tech Problems? 


Thom Marshall first became an auto repair shop owner in 1978 with Marshall Motors. His sister, January, was his partner, and together they raised the bar in the automotive repair industry by providing a very personal level of service that was unparalleled in the Dallas area.

Customers refer to Thom as honest, professional, passionate about providing an outstanding service experience, committed, straightforward and knowledgeable.

Thom will put his significant knowledge and skill (40 plus years) in the auto industry to work for you.

Find Out:

How to hire a Technician that is not a nightmare

The secret of hiring a Technician that knows what they are doing

What to do to save yourself from that nightmare Technician

About the hiring of productive Technicians

How to determine how many Technicians your shop needs

The simple way to SAFELY fire that one tech that is causing trouble and

Much Much More!

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